30 April, 2009

Happy Birthday Kay!

It was Kay's birthday at the weekend and she is about as girly as a girl can get. She loves all things pink and is one of the most fun, warm people you're ever likely to meet! (I know she'll be blushing when she reads this).

I made her a card and gift bag to wrap up her new Magnolia stamp. I know she won't mind me sharing it with you.

The card had to be pink of course (I can do other colours, honest!)

The tiny envelope and card is by Sizzix. I just love having a little cupcake poking out.

I also decorated the envelope with cupcakes (there's also one on the flap at the back). This made a really nice finishing touch.

The bag was a simple design which I did as a bonus to the workshop class yesterday.

My second project is also up at Bella Blvd blog now. Stephanie got some great shots of my layout.

For those of you who have popped in from Bella Blvd - HELLO! The web site where I made the handwriting font is YourFonts.com. You can make your very own font in minutes!

Thanks for stopping by.

Morag x


  1. What a cute girly card. Lovely.


  2. Wow I am such a lucky girl! Thanks so much Morag I will treasure them forever. And yes I am blushing!!!


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