27 October, 2009

Craft Room Door

I'm lucky enough to have my own little craft room so that I no longer reside under the stairs (like Harry Potter). It's small, but it's mine (mostly).

So I'd bought this fabulous masquerade mask and needed to do something with it. I hit upon the idea of making a plaque for my door - I'd made them for the kids in the past. I've recently bought Laundry Line pad from My Mind's Eye (*swoon*). The papers are all glittery and gorgeous.

The picture is a little difficult to see (click on it for a bigger one), but the mask has been glued to the corner before being adorned with a crystal swirl, roses and ribbons.

I love tucking things in behind other stuff such as flowers - this beautiful one is from Prima (of course)
I've layered stamps (Inkadoo and Prima) around the edges - don't you just love those chandeliers?

Well at least you can find my room now if you pop round! Have a great day and drop in again soon.


  1. WOW!!! Love it, it;s just beautiful with all the flowers & Bling and love the mask!! So happy for you now you have your own room!!!! lol xx

  2. Hi Morag. I love your door plaque. I have a thing for masks, they always remind me of Venice and this is a great way of using them. You should have been with us yesterday when my daughter spent half the day trying to decide which coloured mask to choose when we were browsing the xmas decorations at our local garden centre. They seem to be all the rage this year. Of course, in the end it had to be a pink one!!!! Would have fitted perfectly with your scheme!!



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