29 November, 2007

I'm doing a happy dance.

I just uploaded my clipboard to 2Peas. I don't upload much stuff to there as I have to upload so many other places. But guess what. I made the Featured LO of the Day. WOO HOOO!!!! I'm just shouting it from the rooftops. Let's face it, it's not really a big deal but I'm chuffed to pieces. Just to pinch myself - he's a very poor screen shot, because lets be realistic, it won't be there tomorrow!

Yep! That's my clipboard..... happy happy happy.


  1. WOW!! Congrats!! What do you mean it's not a big thing?? It is! With the hundreds and hundreds of layouts being uploaded daily, to be highlighted as LOTD is a BIG THING! Your layouts are all gorgeous as well. You are a very talented scrapper.

  2. Well done! A great achievement and it's a lovely piece of work too!


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