29 June, 2012

 You may know that I like whimsical every now and then. I got the idea of making a hot air balloon using a papier mache balloon.

After making  the papier mache balloon (I cut lots of strips of newspaper and glued them to a balloon in layers), I initially covered the balloon with hundreds of punched hearts from patterned paper.  It sat unloved for months because I didn't like it.  Eventually, I recovered the base with dictionary pages.

Now with a plain base, I could add my patterned papers and gorgeous flowers.  Firstly I created bunting to go around the balloon. Then added flower clusters along the way.

I added tiny flags and bunting (The Scrapcake: My Private Happiness)

Can you guess what the base is made from?  I  used an old baked bean tin which I covered in paper and put an oasis in the bottom ready for the flowers.

I used skewers to support the balloon on the base so it's nice and sturdy.

Well I hope  you like my bit of whimsy.  Here are the flowers from Manor House Creations:
Country Lane - Quaint, Sprinkles - Cupcake, Peace - Wishes, Cutie Pies - Pink, 
Party Lights - Pink and Anniversary.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Nice to see it finished - maybe I should get on with mannequin now then...

  2. I Just arrived at you blog. Oh my, do I love your art and creative mind! I'll be watching this blog closely, thank you for giving us so much of your time and mind. You make so wonderful and lovely works! Dear Morag,I enjoyed the visit on your site. Many thanks for your beautiful inspirations!!
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  3. How pretty is this?!
    Sue x

  4. FOUND your blog, Morag!! SO HAPPY !! LOL ... You ARE AMAZING :) !!

  5. absolutely beautiful Morag!!!!!!


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