27 November, 2016


I have seen a lot of lovely layouts with circular cut files. In particular, I saw a gorgeous layout on the Fancy Pants blog by Zsoka. She had used a fabulous cut file which I just couldn't find on the Silhouette store. So I set about making my own version.

I bought some flower and leaf cut files and created some of my own. I then very painstakingly arranged them around a circle.
Here are a few quick tips to creating your own...

Create a circle as guide. I changed the colour so that it is easier to distinguish it from the shapes.
Grab a bunch of shapes and drop them onto your circle. It is easier to drop the larger or focal pieces first. Don't forget to move, resize, flip to get the shapes that you want.
The top tip is to weld the pieces together one at a time. This way you can correct anything that doesn't go to plan!

Do you ever have shapes that don't weld correctly? See the leaf on the right, the inner veins disappeared when I welded it to my wreath.  To fix that, I undid my weld. Then just click on the leaf and choose 'Make'.

This ensures that the leaf is a complete path before welding to the wreath.

Now when it is welded, the veins remain in tact! Simple.
My last top tip for this is to colour the welded piece so I can see what I'm doing. As I weld the next piece to the wreath, it automatically changes colour to blue in this case.

I created my own outline leaves by simply taking a leaf shape and use the offset tool. I added my cut out leaves to add a bit of texture and dimension.

Speaking of texture, I'm in love with the Nuvo Crystal drops. I mixed in some sparkles to complete the look.

Thanks for dropping by.

Morag x

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