11 December, 2016

Step Into Christmas | The Digital Press

There's nothing like a  festive lunch with friends to get the Christmas spirits up!
My lovely scrappy friends are always great fun and always up for a photo op.

I couldn't resist this adorable digi kit by LJS Designs - Kindess is Cool. There are adorable papers and elements perfect for any wintery project!
I really love the polar bear. There at actually to kissing polar bears in the kit - so adorable.

I added some snowflakes here and there

And a bit of sparkle.

I traced the tree and bear in the Silhouette Studio. To give it the white outline, I simply offset the cut line. Makes life so easy!

Here is a quick tutorial to trace and cut your own tree...

Select the Trace option from the tool bar. Select the area to trace. The object will turn yellow.
Move the High-pass slider bar so that the object is filled in nicely. You may have to use the low pass filter depending on your shape. Trace the Outer Edge.

As this was an intricate shape, I added the white border to my die-cut. To do this, I used the offset tool. Select the object then click the Offset button. I set my offset to 0.04 which is about right for me. Just move the slider or type in the number to increase or decrease. Then apply. You can see the outer edge in the above shot.

I deleted the original shape to give me the outer shape only. You can cut this out but there are extra cuts that I didn't want. To delete these, select the Modify too, then Release. The shape will be ungrouped so that individual cuts can be removed. I deleted the small cuts in the middle of the tree.

Here's the final cut shape. Remember if you are printing and cutting to use the registration marks so the silhouette can line up with your printer.

I hope that you see how easy it is to print  and cut your own die-cuts! That's the beauty of hybrid scrapping!

Thanks for stopping by..
Morag x

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