08 February, 2007

Let it Snow Let it Snow.

Yes, at long last we have snow. We've only waited 3 years to use our sledge. But we did it and we had a blast! Schools were closed today so first thing we went out for a snowball fight. We then went down the park to sledge. I towed the kids all the way there - now that must be worth a few weight watchers points (will make up for the chocolate I had today).

Jacob has been in a funny mood though - all excited but very whiny. Definately need a lo to cover his moods. Lauren was an expert sledger. She was really delighted going down hill.

Jacob is really a smarty pants though. He got put forward for a maths workshop at a local school - only 4 kids from our whole year have been invited. Wow. Has it given him any more confidence or verve for homework? Nah.

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  1. Hay Morg,

    LO's look fab and the snow looks soooo cold! lol

    Lauren x


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