09 May, 2007

Long time no speak.

I know I know smacky hands. Well I don't know how everyone else manages to update their blog and do stuff - I can't manage it.

Before I carry on ranting I am still praying for the safe return of Madeleine McGann. Somebody must know where she is.

Anyway, now that I am here I only have some stuff from last month because I haven't had time to photo the new stuff.

I had bought a couple of canvasses from Au Naturale. Because they were cluttering up the place I thought I'd actually get around to completing them. I've used the MM big chipboard stuff which I totally love.

Pete and I got married in the Dominican Republic. It was so hot but totally gorgeous. Unfortunately our photos were disappointing, but at least with photoshop I can enhance them a bit. Loved the way it's all turned out. You can't see it on the photo but there's glitter shimmering on the background.

My little munchkins when it snowed in Feb. I love their glowing faces and total excitement of seeing snow for the first time. It needs something on that lace but I'm not sure what. May be it'll come to me one day.

I've collaged both canvasses and used watercolours to create a soft feel.

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