01 August, 2007

At last the sun appears.

Hoorah! What a difference a little sunshine can make - 3 days on the trot - may be summer has finally arrived.

We've been making the most of the sunshine with visits to the park (lots of parks which are now beginning to look the same).

I have made a pact with myself and my Disney photos. I'm having real trouble scrapping them when I don't really do Disney papers. So I'm just doing some LO's that are quite simple - they don't have to be original or my best work, they just have to be done. I won't photograph them (because I'm not really keen on them) but that's OK.

Anyway this one was done for a challenge which was limited to cardstock and unlimited ribbons. I scraped through the round into the next one. Thank you to the other 3 people that voted for me (i know there were some really brilliant LO's).

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