12 August, 2007

Half way through our summer holidays. Pete has been off for a week so we've been busy. Went to Drayton Manor park - got there before the rides opened and stayed until they closed. We all had a really great day. We're going to go back before the summer is out.

Also been to Twycross Zoo and RAF Cosford - both really great places and Cosford is FREE! Do you know one of the nicest things about the airplane museum is that it is manned by ex-servicemen. Everybody was really helpful, polite and enjoyed their job which is more than you can say for ride attendants at Drayton.

Been working my socks off on some LO's for Allyscraps (can't show those just yet) and some using Piggy Tales. I really love this one. Jacob at Drayton Manor. I had a sudden flash of inspiration to write down the words that best describe my zany son.
Certain - Generous, cheeky, bonkers, playful, quirky, funny, kind, special

He is certainly all that and more.

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