13 August, 2007

Do you ever have one of those moments when you get a bright idea (doesn't happen very often). One thing leads to another and hey presto! The result is nothing like the original idea.

So Lauren loves all things fairy and princess - what 3 year old girl doesn't? So she has a couple at home which are scattered around. So I think to myself, she needs a little storage jar. I then think I could alter one for her. Then one thing leads to another and I think it would be far nicer to make wands than to make storage.

So here's the result. I made a bunch to get started with but I figure that I could make them as tokens of love or for special occasions.

Each one is cut from mount board (a bit painstaking in the case of the sun). Then papered with whatever took my fancy. Normally vintage papers whenever I'm altering anything. Then glittered. Our whole kitchen is covered.
Twinkle is one of my favourites. It's covered in genuine music score. I've created a heart with a key wrapped around it. and a couple of little sparkly wires shooting off it.

The moon was at one point going to have a cow jumping over it. But I couldn't find a decent cow so I've done stars and beads floating above it.

This little baby is simple in itself. I've drawn wings on acetate and then coloured the back with Stickles (diamond). This gives a lovely translucent sparkly effect ahhh.

The first one I did to celebrate Lauren's 3rd birthday.

There are a couple of others which I forgot to photo including one made from Laura Ashley material.

I think that this will be the start of something obsessional.

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