24 August, 2007

Summer is Back!

Look at the power I have over the weather. I complain that it is the end of summer and the very next day summer returns (not that it appeared much before).

Carted off to the seaside with the kids yesterday to make the most of it. Went to cheesy Weston Super Mare and the tide was in! I'm must be lucky. Lolli loved riding on the donkeys - she rode Charlie like a pro.

We had a really fab day out - poor Pete was staying over in London where it rained all day. School holidays definately have their advantages.

Jacob will definately grow up to be an explorer. He's currently inventing potions in the back garden for his travels to far-flung places. I dare say that this could well be a real tiger in a few years time should he get his way! I love the fact that he is inquisitive about our world. At least it means that we get to holiday off the beaten track in future.

He was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the lead roles in his school play this year. Mini-beast Madness was all about those bugs and was truly fantastic. It had many excellent songs that we're still singing. Snitch was part of the bug squad wanting to exterminate all those little creatures. This LO was just a little bit of fun, but not quite what I imagined. Still think it needs something...

I did this one for Allyscraps with some left over bits from my kit. Lolli loves a shoulder ride from Pete - just look at her face - she's like the cat the got the cream. We'd had a great day out at Twycross Zoo. Sorry haven't got any animal pictures!

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