10 November, 2007

Shop till you drop...

Nicki & I went to Hobbycrafts Show yesterday at the NEC. It's our annual pilgrimage to all things craft. Yesterday was no exception. We're a bad influence on each other. We both had short shopping lists, but ended up coming home with embossing folders from Cuttlebug???? But they were really exciting...

We met the lovely guy from Imagepac who always makes us laugh whenever we see him. Just a good day was had by all.

Lauren & I went to see Angelina Ballerina in Birmingham recently. Our first ballet! It was delightful. Lauren & Anya had a real ball - laughing together.

I did this for the Sketch Spot at AllyScraps
I don't have many pictures from childhood but I did find a couple including one of my Dad. As I remember it Alistair and I came down one year to find the living room full of toys (or it seemed to me then). We had a Post Office, Etch-a-Sketch, Typewriter, Potter's wheel. I probably had these over several Christmases but it is a great memory all the same.

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