02 July, 2008

Guess who'll be on Pencil Lines this weekend?

I am totally thrilled - Pencil LInes is such a great source of inspiration to many people - me included! I think my sketch is up this Sunday.

I wanted to share this altered tin I did for Scrapbook Sisters last month. I was given papers from Sandy Lion. Who would have thought that they could bring out some papers I like?! This project has got to be one of my favourites EVER!

I've altered a Maya Road tin to add lots of shells, beads and other trinkets - it is so touchy feely in real life.

The photos are all from our Honeymoon in the Carribbean all those years ago!



  1. Congrats, girlfriend!!!
    It's about time they got ya up there!! Can't wait to see your sketch!!

  2. such gorgeous goreous projects !

    Very inspirational blog ... love it and everything on it x


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