25 July, 2011


We don't seem to get enough grunge stuff especially for boys, in my opinion.  My friend Jackie was looking for some grunge inspiration recently and had to go back a long way through my blog to find some!  Sorry jackie!

I fancied playing at something different a couple of weeks ago as although I love 'freestyle' I find it a real struggle  - go figure!

Instead, I opted for my own take on freestyle.  Adding my favourite ecclectic items onto a page even if they aren't relevant.

I really enjoyed the process, but it did take a while.  I think I need more practise.

I attempted to layer different textures, inks and paints to build up some depth to the page and pieces. You can see that my favourite stamps and icons made it onto the page.

As my DS leaves junior school this year and goes onto secondary, I am trying to remind myself to let go.  He is safe.  He can stand on his own two feet.  Yikes.  Did anyone say that motherhood is hard?

Thanks for dropping in.  Just for Jackie - I'm adding a Grunge tag!

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  1. I absolutely love this & I'm so glad I found your blog. Gosh it has been forever since we got together in Florida. We moved back to TX in March this year. I'll be watching your blog more often now! Love!!!


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