18 February, 2014

Charity Crop Announcement

As some of you may know, I had been working on Scrap365 last year but left for pastures new, working at a charity based near to where I live. My current role is quite different from working at the magazine but it has been most rewarding in so many other ways.

The Cystitis & Overactive Bladder Foundation (glamorous I know!) is only a small charity but it does so much good work helping people who have to suffer the most awful illnesses. The charity relies on donations and fundraising to keep its work going and they are a lifeline line to so many people.

So I'm happy to say that Nicki and I (with the help of many others) are running an all-day crop in aid of the COB Foundation. All the proceeds from the day will go to the charity and it will make a massive difference. So if you fancy having a great day out, classes, a kit, lunch and a lot of laughs, make a note in your diary.
More details will follow but you can reserve your space or find out more. Just email me - cropkat@gmail.com.


  1. Hi
    please can I book myself for this?

  2. Anonymous9:02 pm

    I've put it in my diary but before I sent the deposit, can I bring my daughter? She's 10. I know some ladies see a crop as a child free day, so I wanted to check that she'd be welcome before booking for 2.

  3. Hi jsquaredscrapspot

    We'd love to welcome you and your daughter to scrap with us. My own 10yr old daughter comes along sometimes and there will be plenty of space for her to take a break if she needs to work off some energy!


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