20 January, 2007

Managed to survive those gales! PHEW. We escaped undamaged, but others were not so lucky were they? Today is a beautiful day - you would never know what had gone on just a couple of days ago.

This is the first chance I've had to upload some stuff I've worked on in the last week.

My good friend's birthday this week. We are all flat broke, so I made her a little brag book. I used those ubiquitous papers again (just love them thanks Shabby Princess). She said she loved it but didn't like the photo of her - so I haven't included it here. To be fair, they were taken just 5 hours after giving birth - I thought she looked marvellous!

Done a LO for Crafty Ness using the latest kit. Really pleased with the result but my picture hasn't turned out too well.

Took loads of photos today of reluctant children and hubby. However, perserverance pays off as I have some that are keepers. Plenty of scrapping material. Got a great one of Pete for a change.

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