06 March, 2007

Some people get stuck in the 70's. Whilst others get stuck in a rut. I've got stuck on flowers, buttons and ribbon!

I've had a blast today with Audrey - going shopping for anything we could find in Birmingham's Rag Market. Wow. We picked up some great laces, embroidery thingys can't wait to use them. Unfortunately that won't be tonight for me. boo hoo.

Anyway, a couple of layouts from the last few days (I did 2 on Sunday - world record).
This one of Jacob is from the weekend (look at that, lived and scrapped all in the same weekend). Just lovin that cardboard and stars thing I have going on. I know it's a bit the same ol same ol but I love it.

Poor Lolli. She just doesn't like sitting down to eat unless she is starving. But that's the magic of Disney. I have been blackmailing her into eating up so that she can grow for when we go to Disney. She does need to be 106cm, but she's only 96cm now. I think 10cm is a bit of a tall order for May!

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  1. Wow! I love your blog and your LOs! It's all bright and beautiful!


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