04 March, 2007

It's raining. It's pouring.

I don't do rain. I have never liked it and don't see the attraction. We have so far made muffins today, played kerplunk and we are at a loose end.

Still we had a great day yesterday at Bourton on the Water. It was really sunny except for when I got my camera out. We did the model village although I thought it was a rip-off - £8.50 for the 3 of us (Lolli was free). It only occupies about 1/2 hour. Still wasn't as bad as lunch. £18 for 3 meals and 2 fruit shoots. ouch!

If you ever go to Bourton - which is worth while, bring your own food!

We did get some lovely photos though (always at the back of my mind).

This is an old piccie of Jacob - told you I'd run out of current photos.
I love using old cardboard on layouts - adds a bit of free texture. I've stamped on it using some of my new stamps and used paint for the title. I must get better at collage if it kills me! Still need to find somewhere to put some journalling though.

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  1. I love card board too.... Lo looks fab.



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