02 March, 2007

Still got my cravings going on although I think I might be over the worst. As you can see from the evidence in my next few layouts, my love of flowers, buttons and ribbon has not yet diminished.

Did this LO at our local crop. Of course I had already got papers sorted out for it but still had to buy some from scrapajack

Pictures of Lolli on her first ever sledge ride at the park. She was a bit anxious to begin with but she took to it like a duck to water!

This may sound ridiculous but I've run out of current photos to scrap. I either need to a) take the kids out to do something or b) take better photos in the first place.

So I am rooting around through old photos now before I started scrapping. Great idea, but I really wanted to do a proper album of Jacob when he was young. I have hundreds of photos (far more than Lolli), but they require proper attention.

Anyway this is one from 03 based on a Pencil lines/ sketch (21). I've only done one of these before, but it was great. You can see that Teresa's star die has come in handy for all that felt I bought.

Again another old picture of Lolli but I've used it to document the fact she calls pig tails, pink tails - cute! I have created a monster though. I always like to tie her hair up but now she insists on 'Barbie' hair (plaits) or pink tails. She can be a very determined little girl - wonder where she gets that from?

When Jacob and I were driving to a charity shop the other day to buy buttons, there was a big rainbow. We were chatting and I asked if he knew where they came from. Now he is bright, so I am expecting an answer along the lines of the light passing through the rain but instead I get this whole elaborate story about the wind, rain and sun meeting at the north pole.

See that blossom thing going on there? Seems to be going strong doesn't it?

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