05 July, 2007

Rain & More Rain
Will it ever stop? We're supposed to go camping next weekend with Beaver Cubs. Looks like we're going to be very soggy!

In light of all this drearyness, I thought I'd post a couple LO's when we had our summer in April. Lolli was wearing her beautiful dress on the most perfect afternoon and I've been dining out on it ever since. It's a shame that I can't keep just using the same photo - it really cheers me up!

I was really into little birdies a few months ago but seem to have got that under control right now. Just notice that my birdie's wing as gone astray on the photo. I'm loving that paper (fancy pants I think).

Another photo from the same time - told you it was a beautiful day. Don't you think Lolli's dress goes perfectly with my paper? What a coincidence!

The Spring stamp is Autumn Leaves (thanks Audrey). I'm desperately trying to use up my stash that has been around for a long time. I'm trying to get over that "it's too precious to use".

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