15 December, 2007

Just a week or so to go...

Been busy busy busy with 2 kits - Scrapbook Sisters & Allyscraps. Bundled SS kit back to them today - mainly Christmas Decorations. Take a look at these.

They started off as a chipboard book. I've decoupaged papers on both sides. The letters for 'Peace' have been embossed several times with red glitter - they look gorgeous IRL.

Shame, but I seem to have lost the close up photos - I've got a bit haphazard with my flash cards. Tut Tut. It's also anooying because I don't have the images of the little book with a snowflake window and the layouts I did.

I did these for Karen & Julie to - little stockings. They are made from vintage music sheets. I've since adorned them with other little things but again, no photos. DOH.

I've had beautiful My Mind's Eye papers from
Allyscraps this month. They are just so gorgeous I could do 100 projects from them. However, I've done a couple so far...

Off to a crop tomorrow - yippeeee!!! I should really be able to make some fun things (although I'll probably just move paper around for a while).

Have a fun day!

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