03 December, 2008

We didn't have such a great day today. Max, Jacob's gerbil was really poorly when Jacob went to feed her this morning. We tried our best to comfort her and keep her warm but it was no use. The vet had to put her to sleep.

The kids were really devastated so we made her a little bed to sleep on. Jacob wrote a little note for her and we buried her in the garden. It is so touching how much the gerbils mean to them, but I guess it's a lesson they have to learn. I am truly surprised at how much it upset me - she was such a cute little critter.

I'm trying to console myself by being busy. I've got on with selling some stuff on ebay and writing up projects. I've got a few more to share...

Sassafras have such whimsical paper lines. Cathy has all the latest here. We took the kids to a local wildlife trust but they had serious bird spotting going on so we had to keep the noise down. Consequently, they had more fun climbing the statues and walls.

I just love the little stickers. Made the mushrooms from the patterned papers.

I made this card using Crafty Secrets stamps ages ago but forgot to post it.

You probably can't quite see it from the picture, but the individual layers pop up for a 3D effect. Never done one of these before but it's quite simple (when you know how. LOL) Coloured in the images using watercolour pencils.

I'll definately post my frosty album tomorrow.

Night Night.

Morag x

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