13 May, 2009

Turtles & Trees

What's that all about?

The new Turtles and Trees line from My Little Shoebox might sound a little odd, but it is very cute.

It's also a very activity on the photos. We'd gone to a summer fete last year - very small affair. However the finale is an egg-throwing contest.

You throw an egg to your partner then you all take a step back.

You continue on until your egg goes splat. Last one in wins. A very egg-citing game!

Has nothing to do with turtles or trees. :)

Thanks for stopping in.

Morag x


  1. This is a lovely Layout Morag. Your egg splatting sounds a lot of fun. I love all your cicles and the pink glittery flourishes are beautiful.


  2. Sounds like fun! :) Great LO! and I love those leaf pins!!

  3. This is a gorgeous layout, so bright and fun. I love how you did the clouds. So cute.


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