02 October, 2009

Cutest Cosmo Cricket

I just fell in love with the Boyfriend range from Cosmo Cricket when it came into AllyScraps. I must admit, it was the little washing line with clothes that really grabbed me.

I was also smitten with the colours - the background is a kind of pale olive colour, teamed with the red and oranges. WOW.

I took this photo of Jacob after a biking mishap last year. He had so many bruises already - he looked like all boys should of his age. It means he's been playing and climbing trees. He fell out of one recently - from top to bottom. He was OK thankfully, but it's something he has to experience.

I guess the clothes had nothing to do with anything, but man, they're cute!

Have a great weekend - thanks for popping in!



  1. Hi, I'm new to Scrapbooking so am having a look around and seeing what's going on!
    I just wondered, when you (and others) write on your pages, like you have done about your son's knees - is it all made up by yourself? Some people use sayings or poems - are those taken from certain websites?
    Many thanks and keep up the lovely work!

  2. I love the cute washing line.
    It is just beautiful.


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