26 July, 2010

School's Out for Summer

I've been MIA here because the kids broke up from school on Friday.  I did the usual of trying to cram everything in before the chaos begins.

We've had a great time so far (but it has only been the first day after the weekend :))  We did Warwick Castle yesterday - just love it there.  So many handsome men, and lots of history of course!  If you have never been there are lots of men on horses, dressed in armour and just generally  looking swarthy. I still have some fab photos from our last visit which I'm not sure what to do, but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to share.

I did this layout last month, but never got around to sharing it.  I have to say the photos make the place look idyllic but the reality was somewhat different.

We had gone to Burnham on Sea but perhaps had not caught it on its best day.  I shall just say that we got there very early and there were a LOT of dog walkers on the beach.  I was thankful that the tide didn't come in all day.

Played with some pretty trimmings that I've hoarded and a few stamps, but if I'm honest, that beautiful paper was enough.

Thanks for popping in.

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  1. I know what you mean about the calm before the storm Morag, although it's nice to have a change of routine and do different things isn't it. I'd love to go to Warwick castle, it sounds great, just a bit far for us in a day!
    What a pretty LO, the photos suit it perfectly although I have a different picture in my head now.
    Enjoy the hols.
    Hugs Lisax


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