01 August, 2011

Five Minutes of Fame (almost)

I recently applied to a camera magazine to be their apprentice for the day.  They show you how to do stuff with your camera and you have to pose for their photos.  Well my day didn't quite go like that but I did have to pose for the camera all day long.  I felt a bit of a dufus. 

I had to pose with various camera bags (8 in all) in various locations.  Well, at one location there were tourists around.  The photographer had the umbrellas, reflectors out so it looked like I was some sort of model.  I'm sure people must have pointed and thought - 'She isn't much of a model is she?' ROFL.  I definitely prefer it behind the camera than in front!

I actually completed this layout some time ago, but just need a photo. The magazine sent me a couple of photos which was perfect for this layout.  I love this Prima flower (very extravagant)

Another little collection of things and a cute envelope. More Prima flowers clustered together.

My favourite Thicker Stickers - Doll (vanilla).  They are canvas and just great for stamping on. 

Thanks for popping in. 


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  1. Ooh that sounded pretty fun! I love your layout - and that is the perfect photo for it! Gorgeous! :D


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