23 December, 2006

Christmas has arrived! I have finally got around to starting the Christmas festivities - late I know. I bought one of those Ikea gingerbread houses a long time ago and have been too scared to make it up. As I couldn't put it off any longer - I finally did it.
I don't think that it's too bad for my first attempt EVER at icing, piping and making a syrup.

If that wasn't all I've made decorations for the tree too, well actually they are supposed to be peppermint creams but they didn't taste very nice! NIGELLA EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

But there's more - I've done another couple of Christmas layouts. I've done more this year already than I did the whole of last year.

Do you know the song by Pilot - It's Magic? I thinks it's been on a recent advert. Well the kids do such a cute rendition I had to document it. I changed it to Ho HO HO it's Magic!
Taken on a recent trip to see Santa's Grotto. Definately all I want for Christmas!

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