11 July, 2007

Wow. What a jam-packed day.

So yesterday was Jacob's school play. He plays Snitch, one of the bug-squad trying to erradicate all those mini-beasts. It was truly memorable. The songs were marvellous and the kids were brilliant. It amazes me how well all the kids do with 100 people watching them.

Later I get a phonecall from school - Jacob has tripped over and bumped his head and they think that he might have knocked himself out because he doesn't remember what happened and was really confused. 1 1/2 hours in casualty later - everything is fine.

Lauren goes to ballet as normal, we then go buy camping stuff for Beaver camp at the weekend and oh, we picked up 2 gerbils - Minnie & Max. They are soooo cute. The kids can't stop watching them. They had better keep up their end of the bargain though and clean the cage! We'll see... I'll try and upload some photos later.

LO is for my entry into Masterchef run by
Caroline Craftz

Journalling reads: I'm no perfect Mother. Wife. Housekeeper. Person. But I give 100%
Definately imperfect!

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