24 December, 2010

Christmas Eve

I guess it will be hard to sleep tonight - we'll be listening for sleigh bells.

Table Gifts

I have mentioned it before, but we didn't have too many family traditions, so I have instigated new traditions of our own.  A new 'tradition' for this year will be table gifts.  Just something very small to open at the lunch table - kind of stretch things out a bit and mostly because crackers are just so disappointing.

Table Gifts

My gifts have been wrapped in kraft paper and decorated with a simple ribbon, tag and candy cane.  My favourite part are the jingle bells though. (Sorry that my photos are pretty poor).

Did you notice the nutcracker soldier?  DD begged me for one on our visit to the German Market recently.  He is adorable.  I think that we'll be collecting those in future.

Thank you so much for spending time on my blog - I appreciate it.  I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.


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