07 March, 2017

Moments that Shine | Hybrid Layout for Digital Press

Parenting can be hard. It might be just us, but having a boy and a girl who are on different wavelengths can be challenging! But there are those days when everything is right and the kids adore each other. They may be as rare as hen's teeth but when they happen, you'd better remember them!
This was clearly one of those moments. The end of a balmy afternoon and the sun is setting.

 The kids just made each other laugh - a real inside joke. So precious!
It is nice to document a moment like that we something a little different. There are not many teen-boy collections but when I saw Mr Fantastic collection from Meagan's Creations on The Digital Press, I knew I had to have it!
I love the geometric designs and of course the colour combo is one of my favourites!
With a digital kit it's easy to print and cut out the elements on a Silhouette. I added a little ink and stamping before layering up the elements.

I added in a few bits and pieces from here and there - it's great mixing in digital elements with leftover elements from kits.
So the next time the kids just get on together, I'll be sure to whip out the camera! I'm not going to hold my breath for long!
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  1. This is lovely ! I just love ur layout
    Sharada Dilip


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