05 March, 2017

New York State of Mind | Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

Hey! I hope you are having a great weekend. I've been totally busy and scrapping in between.

I was mooching through my pizza box of goodies - I seem to collate a pizza box until it gets too full and I end up archiving and putting away. Anyway, I came across this background I had started previously. I've no idea why I shelved it and did another.

Lucky me! All I had to do is add more stamping and embellishments, etc.

We were all being crazy for the official photo taken at the Empire State Building. It's supposed to look like that iconic photo of the men sitting on those huge iron girders. It's a good job it wasn't real - a few of my friends are a little scared of heights!

I added some tags and topped one with a homemade tassel. I love the flair (it was a present from my good friend Julie).

This is my favourite bit of detail. I love the different texture from different stencils, stamps and inks.

So thank you for popping by. I'll be back in a couple of days with a layout for The Digital Press Co.

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